Special Interview on Chanel Agent Star

International luxury brand Chanel (Chanel) in February this year, released a new Miss Cocoa lips. In line with the new listing, Chanel in Apple’s iMessage expression stickers store launched a “Miss Coco lips expression stickers.” “Chanel for the new cocoa lips to create the Chanel expression stickers, click to download can easily have for your […]

Life style of Chanel items

Lafayette seems to have long forgotten the identity of their own fashion designer, Chanel clothing season than a season ugly, but the show is a gimmick constantly, very Aspect. 17 autumn and winter series conference actually put 35 meters of the giant rocket into the show, the last curtain call, thought it was only the […]

Classic Chanel bags that you should buy

2017 autumn and winter four fashion week came down, the new bag of shoes for a whole month, in the end we of course we have to send a big move, specifically for the baby to send Chanel show off the street shooting, from small incense twist jacket To the two-color shoes, from the classic […]

The true life of Chanel items

Deauville Deauville is the closest seaside city from Paris, which was built by the Duke of Morni – Napoleon III half-brother in 1858, for four years, crafted, and soon became the best in Paris Beloved “back garden”. A very young girl has been three years ago in Paris Kang Peng Street successfully opened the Chanel […]

Chanel No.5 is not my true love

I have always thought that perfume is very private, a honey is likely to become B arsenic, even if they like each other, with more people, crush will be more embarrassing than the Zhuangshan, so even if a taste of perfume again smell, If someone around is already in use, it will never buy. And […]

Whats the future of luxury brands?

Luxury consumer demand is changing rapidly, in order to grasp the trend of the market, luxury brands are also beginning to surprise. Including Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Hermès and Lancôme, including many French luxury brands have begun to cooperate with the philosophers, for the brand to seek new intrinsic value. Sophie Chassat, one of the […]

How to spot fake and real Chanel bags

Chanel bag has a glimpse of the charm, elegant and simple style, very attractive, classic and worthy of collection. So how to distinguish true and false chanel? Authentic Chanel bag logo is mostly gold-plated, and gold-plated very thick. Fake logo gold-plated thin, although the color looks very bright, but easier to fade. At the same […]

CHANEL opened a fake coffee shop in Tokyo

“Buy a CHANEL bag will certainly eat earth, but a cup of his coffee is no pear ah.” There are friends so joking. Not long ago, Chanel in Tokyo Omotesando So-Cal Link Gallery opened a makeup called Chanel Pop-up (flash) shop – Chanel Coco Café. This is a limited business hours of temporary shops, Chanel […]

Chanel classic ballet shoes return

In 1984 the first appearance of the Chanel Ballerina Flats has been in the rhyme pattern, chain belt, camellia and other Chanel iconic elements in a circle, constantly changing style and color match it is still one of Chanel classic single product. This year’s spring Chanel Ballerina Flats with silver resin shoes with black satin […]

Latest Chanel lip glaze

Chanel 2017 spring, the latest “COCO crystal candy through lip glaze”, so that the lips show like a crystal ball like a beautiful sparkling. Chanel makeup card Lu Xiya card to “life in the fun” for the design inspiration, blend with the top care elements – “Hydrating moisturizing lip compound”, a smear can be injected […]