“Buy a CHANEL bag will certainly eat earth, but a cup of his coffee is no pear ah.” There are friends so joking.

Not long ago, Chanel in Tokyo Omotesando So-Cal Link Gallery opened a makeup called Chanel Pop-up (flash) shop – Chanel Coco Café. This is a limited business hours of temporary shops, Chanel here only from March 3 to March 12.

It is understood that this series includes 27 color, divided into 24-color basic lip gloss and 3-color high-gloss lip gloss (which is also said to include six limited models), the current domestic has not yet listed (March 17 domestic market), but here Has been open to everyone self-help trial, and on-site purchase.

Those who have been to the store will see the shop bar, a menu, a deck, a waiter, the whole look is a black and white theme of the coffee shop. But you can not think of is that this only exists 10 days of coffee shop, selling turned out to be make-up. Surprisingly, in the absence of discount, do not cry, lots of general circumstances, Chanel Coco Café shop lined up a long queue.

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