Chanel bag has a glimpse of the charm, elegant and simple style, very attractive, classic and worthy of collection. So how to distinguish true and false chanel?

Authentic Chanel bag logo is mostly gold-plated, and gold-plated very thick. Fake logo gold-plated thin, although the color looks very bright, but easier to fade. At the same time genuine metal parts work detailed, heavy quality, if the above lettering or engraving, the lines are delicate and clear.

Most of the Chanel bag is made of lambskin (or calfskin), the cortex is dark, with a sense of concavity. Chanel bag stature is very crisp, there will be no sense of collapse. Especially sheepskin bag, not only feel good, and there will be a kind of original skin taste. Fake Chanel is not used sheepskin, cortical reflex, flexibility is also poor. Chanel Kang Peng series of double C Logo is made with snake skin, texture is very strong. Leather bag material texture is more clear, grainy is more obvious, and its own with the original taste of the original skin, very crisp type.

Authentic Chanel bag All zippers at the hook chain have a jewelry theme of the hook, usually the early lion head or the famous double C-shaped. Genuine zipper weight heavier, exquisite workmanship, moderate density, closing the mouth is usually across the sheepskin, and with two-line seam, feel very smooth and smooth, metal parts do not scratch. Fake Chanel zipper mouth can be seen at the mouth of the traces of glue.

Authentic Chanel bag can be seen inside the bronzing Chanel and Made in France / Italy words. There is a small sticker inside the bag, and the sticker is printed with the number of the computer, which is the same as the number on the ID card and the number on the original box. Fake stickers will be altered traces, number is typing with electric typewriters.

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