Luxury consumer demand is changing rapidly, in order to grasp the trend of the market, luxury brands are also beginning to surprise. Including Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Hermès and Lancôme, including many French luxury brands have begun to cooperate with the philosophers, for the brand to seek new intrinsic value.

Sophie Chassat, one of the philosophers who worked with the luxury group, said: “This cooperation is to look at the luxury industry from a different perspective, so as to find new answers for many questions.”

Through her consulting firm Angie, Chassat to help these luxury brands to seek their “verbal identity (language identity)”, through the study of brand history heritage, to find accurate and innovative brand language, while avoiding the monotony, cliche Case. In addition to Chassat, another philosopher Adrien Barrot is also working with Hermès (Hermes) to provide similar services for the latter.

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