I have always thought that perfume is very private, a honey is likely to become B arsenic, even if they like each other, with more people, crush will be more embarrassing than the Zhuangshan, so even if a taste of perfume again smell, If someone around is already in use, it will never buy. And every time you want to change the perfume, but also have to go through a number of test incense and long selection.

Perfume is the most afraid of is fragrant, Chanel No.5 re-famous, a dinner several ladies are in use, but also experience it better. Commercial perfume, although highly accepted, it is easy to pick to like the taste, but easy to meet and like you like people. So two years more and more choose salon fragrance.

If the commercial incense is to cater to the public, the pursuit of the market, then the salon is more expression of the perfumer’s personality and ideas, and will not be subject to market constraints. Commercial fragrance even if the blind to buy, it will not feel particularly unpleasant, and salon must be personally to the counter test, because you are likely to try later, or feel that how could such a good news is simply love, or just A smell on the hurry away from afar no longer want to touch the second time.

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