Deauville Deauville is the closest seaside city from Paris, which was built by the Duke of Morni – Napoleon III half-brother in 1858, for four years, crafted, and soon became the best in Paris Beloved “back garden”.

A very young girl has been three years ago in Paris Kang Peng Street successfully opened the Chanel hat shop, this experience is undoubtedly to the Deville store brought a lot of celebrity Ascot and a lot of money.

She has their own personal characteristics of the clothing and the understanding of the working women and the attitude of the clothing into the store, so that women remain in the dynamic elegance of the charm – this idea from the store to convey.

Ms. Chanel and the first lover Boy Capel to Dover vacation time, like to walk on the beach blowing sea breeze, watching the beach busy busy workers. She believes in the power of women, but also in the community to speak to women the right – from the clothing revolution began, so that they can sound and take into account the elegant and elegant start.

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