2017 autumn and winter four fashion week came down, the new bag of shoes for a whole month, in the end we of course we have to send a big move, specifically for the baby to send Chanel show off the street shooting, from small incense twist jacket To the two-color shoes, from the classic 2.55 to the new Gabrielle de Chanel handbags, each one is difficult to resist.

Twill is not only Chanel’s debut, in the trend of the changing stage of the fashion is also evergreen, from the regular suit to the chic but there are some feminine short jacket, simple atmosphere in the long style, the most attractive Man or its classic atmosphere.

In the 2015 autumn and winter show field, was born in 1957 Chanel classic two-color shoes elegant return, the ratio has been re-adjusted, black toe beige body with hollow design side of the shoe is the end of this two elements, Slippers, ballet shoes to high boots readily available, wild classic non-he must go.

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