Lafayette seems to have long forgotten the identity of their own fashion designer, Chanel clothing season than a season ugly, but the show is a gimmick constantly, very Aspect.

17 autumn and winter series conference actually put 35 meters of the giant rocket into the show, the last curtain call, thought it was only the scene of the rocket actually really launched off! The audience shut up! Tell the truth, “show guide” Lafayette, if the layout of the show half of the mind spent on the costume design, Chanel now will not “eat lotus” so embarrassing.

Chanel 2017 autumn and winter design inspired by Ms. Chanel favorite for the constellation, Lafayette tried to reproduce the creation of Coco Ms. mind in the sky world.

From the outline of the details of space suits as a design starting point, silver and light fabric material to create a sense of the future of science and technology, large towering collar extension from the space suit extension, cartoon version of the astronauts into the latest quarterly printing, however, Lafayette shaped ” Members “from the towering comb hair to the clothing are really thriller, wearing Chanel models can sit on the rocket directly to the” earth “star.

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